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Guidance for Early Childhood Education

MPI and the Ministry of Education are preparing tailored guidance to help early childhood education services understand what they need to do under the Food Act 2014. Many thanks to all those who have helped to inform this guidance over the past few months.

The guidance will be available on the MPI website in early February, and supported by communications via ECE networks from 22 February onwards. If you would like a draft of this guidance in the meantime, please let us know.

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New resources on the MPI website

MPI published a number of new resources at the end of last year. All resources can be accessed from They include:

Guidance for businesses who need to operate under a ‘national programme’.
Food safety guidance for businesses that are exempt from a plan or programme
Step by step guides for how to follow the new rules
A transition timetable to help existing businesses find out when the need to make changes
Videos promoting food control plans in Mandarin and Cantonese