Red Heke Productions

Red Heke Productions provided the video work for Essential Training.  

A lucky break for me was that the Council I work for had done some videos on food wastage and I was asked to look over them for any food safety issues.

They were great videos and found out that they had been done by Red Heke Productions, a local Nelson based video production company, so I contacted them!

I had never done any real video work this before but I managed to get everything done in a few weeks thanks to Emma Heke the principal of the company- Awesome stuff!


LifterLMS were just coming into the market with their learning management system at the time I was getting ready to set-up (early 2015).

I really admire and support their ethics of engagement and help which is brilliant.

Love people that provide service that's great and has some real purpose other than just making money.

Way to go guys!  And thanks.

Pixabay and Unsplash

If you are looking for stunning free images then these guys are brilliant.

Pixabay has thousands of good quality images including photos an graphics covering every subject you can think of.

Unsplash has the most beautiful high quality high resolution pictures that are really works of art.

Thanks to all the contributors who provide these images for free use.  Just amazing!


PicMonkey seems a weird name for an image management facility but then so is Google for a search engine!

The system however is brilliant for most of the applications I needed like quality adjustment, resizing and cropping plus adding collage overlays.

Again a free service - awesome plus plus!

Ministry for Primary Industries

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) may seem out of place in a list of credits but I have had great advice from them (just like everyone else can and does!).  

Credits go for them allowing use of some of their pictures plus reference back to various pages from the Food Control Plan and the great information resourcces they have on their enormous website.

I have total respect for these guys.  I know how big a job they have and how passionate they are about what they do.  They certainly are deserving of thanks.

It is important to make clear however that MPI have not been involved in this website or any of the training components and of course do not advocate any private organisation including my company Environmental Outcomes Ltd and myself personally.

I appreciate their help in providing this disclaimer which their legal team asked me to put on my web and social media sites.

Please take time to read it.

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore is one of those super human beings that spends hours producing wonderful free stuff to help those of us that are without his great skills for web designing.

Have to say I would probably not be writing this today if it weren't for Tyler!  

I produced my original website using FrontPage.  It was a great tool at the time but has since been superseded so I will in the next 6 months be moving that sit over to here.

I have seen all of Tyler's videos which are a step-by-step walk through using WordPress (another great free product) to create beautiful responsive websites (you can watch on other devices without losing information).

Tyler's easy to follow videos on using WordPress for a website really nailed the direction that I took in developing this website.

Tyler also gave leads to PicMonkey and Unsplash plus a host of other plug-ins that I have used on this website.

Tyler - you are awesome man!  Thank you so much!

My Family

How could I possibly have a page of credits without mentioning my wonderful family.

Not just the fact I have been holed up in my office for months only coming out to eat and sleep (and go to work of course) but..

I have been like a zombie on some stress days

Other days exhausted and no energy even to talk.

And some days just a very grumpy old man!!!

My main support of course is my wife of over 40 years - Linda.  

I marvel how another human being could put up with someone like me for an hour let alone a whole lifetime!!!!

I really do love you all!