Here you will find all the links you need for the Ministry for Primary Industries' template Food Control Plans (both the Simply Safe and Suitable and Full versions)

The Notified Food Control Plan is a legal document issued pursuant to the Food Act 2014

MPI Food Safety Toolkit

Forms and documents you may need when registering a food control plan or national programme. Includes translations of the Simply Safe and Suitable Template

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‘Simply Safe and Suitable’ template FCP

This is a direct link to the MPI website version (check where do I fit first to make sure the template is right for your business)

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MPI template FCP Packs (full versions)

Here you can download compiled sets for each food business sector

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Interactive FCP

This incredibly useful tool allows you to quickly navigate the FCP pages and includes language translations plus links to records

Cross reference tool

If you are having difficulty with NP guidelines cross referencing to the template FCP may be what you need. Plus it has links to records

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Links to National Programme Resources